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Wyse Winterm 5455XL

Wyse Technology
Wyse Winterm 5455XL
 Wyse Technology
Mfg Part#(s): 902072-05
Product Condition & Pricing
• Includes: Power Adapter, Keyboard & Mouse
• 3 Year Warranty
Only $189.00
Brand New
• Includes: Power Adapter, Keyboard & Mouse
• 3 Year Warranty
Only $476.00
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Product Documentation
Brochure for the Wyse Winterm 5455XL
Brief Description of the Wyse Winterm 5455XL

The Wyse Winterm 5455XL is a rugged and flexible Linux-based thin client

The Winterm™ 5455XL (WT5455XL) is a flexible Linux-based thin client that offers many hardware and software configuration choices to meet demanding customer requirements, before and after purchase. The Winterm 5455XL terminal delivers server-based UNIX/Linux and 32-bit Windows applications to the desktop and can run resident Java applications in a tightly managed device. It is managed by Rapport™ for Wyse software for maximum ROI. Built on a rugged metal chassis with legacy ports and expandable storage, it provides the most options for customers to create solutions tailored to their specific hardware and software needs.

Features of the Wyse Winterm 5455XL

  • Up-to-date Linux OS and components
  • 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet, one serial, one parallel, four USB, PCI slot
  • Native X Windows, RDP, ICA protocols
  • Netscape Navigator 4.77 browser with JVM support
  • Built-in networking support for WiFi 802.11b wireless
  • Rugged metal box sits comfortably under monitor
  • Remote management and configuration through Rapport™ for Wyse management software
  • Configurable menu with application AutoStart and Restart
  • Flexible platform with many configuration choices
  • Read-only file system
  • Three-year Buyer's Protection Plan
  • Key Benefits of the Wyse Winterm 5455XL
  • Supports all popular servers
  • Web-based Java computing, Flash Player, RealPlayer
  • High-speed wired or wireless networks
  • Maximize your workspace
  • Current stable foundation for long lifecycle
  • Rich variety of peripherals supported
  • Administrators can define the system look and feel and application behavior
  • Designed for long life-cycle with minimal maintenance
  • Provides the highest protection against software corruption or virus attacks
  • Assurance of reliability, availability, and performance, from the industry leader

Questions about the Wyse Winterm 5455XL?

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